Turkey , a land of mystique, it conjures up evocative visions of oriental splendour, of mystery and intrigue, of sultans and harems!

The only country in the world situated on two different continents, encompassing a mosaic of western and eastern cultures, Trojans, Romans, and Ottomans are amongst the many diverse civilisations, to have inhabited it. All have left their legacy in one way or another. Bordered on three sides by water, including the longest Mediterranean coastline of any country, Turkey has become a favourite holiday haunt.

You are assured a warm welcome where ever you go as its people are genuinely hospitable and eager to share their country with you for the duration of your visit.

Turkey is not normally associated with golf or as a golf holiday destination, and why should it be? For a country that is two and a half times larger than the United Kingdom it currently has only 16 golf courses. Golf, for Turkey , is a new and emerging sport, one that they have enthusiastically embraced and developed. The growth is so rapid that there are numerous courses planned not only in Belek, on the southern coast, but all over Turkey and Northern Cyprus . Embraced by sunshine for over 300 days per year, the temperate Mediterranean climate makes this the perfect destination for golfers.